Staying at Wlf’s Cabin could not be bettered by the enthusiastic walker. The location 1.5 miles from the nearest highway places the walker right in the heart of the Forest without the need to tramp through indifferent scenery, from a public car park. Just open the gate and go. Within minutes of leaving Wilf’s Cabin you can be walking through ancient, broad-leaved woodland and coniferous plantations or heather and gorse-clad heathland.

Wherever you walk you can be sure that, before long, you will encounter one of the many clear, chattering streams that crisscross the Forest. Take time and follow one of these for a while but keep an eye out for the flash of brilliant colour from one of the many kingfishers that live and feed here.

Throughout the New Forest there are many superb pubs and tearooms where the hungry and thirsty walker can be assured of a warm welcome.

Burley Rails Cottage is the perfect location for:

Bird watching  |  Shooting  |  Fishing  |  Horse Riding  |  Carriage Driving  |  Cycling   |  Walking