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From a New Forest Inclosure 

Articles written by Ian Thew from his home at Burley Rails Cottage since 2004, originally for the Burley Village magazine they are amusing, informative and a good read. 

Buy on line from the author by emailing for the special price of £25.00 for all five in the current series or £5.99 each including postage.  They are also available through Amazon and on Kindle

After an extended holiday to America in 2004, where I visited amazing places like the Grand canyon, Bryce canyon and Monument Valley, I was returning home along my access track when I realised just how special and unique, in the great scheme of things, is this New Forest of ours and I decided that the time had come to put pen to paper to share with others some of the experiences I enjoyed, on a daily basis. My first article was accepted by the editor of the village magazine and I was immediately encouraged to share more of my observations.  And so began the series of short articles entitled, originally, ‘From the Enclosure'.

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The First Two Years 

This is a collection of the first articles written in 2004 & 2005 by Ian Thew from his remote home deep in the New Forest. These monthly articles of day to day life through the year, year on year, show how the seasons move and how nature moves with the seasons. As Ian shares his perceptions and knowledge with you, you will appreciate what is so wonderful about living deep in the New Forest.


A Rare Pair From the East Coast

From a New Forest Inclosure ‘The First Two Years’ received such kind reviews that it was not a difficult decision to continue in the same vein and publish ‘A Rare Pair from the East Coast’ These articles, compose  Book Two of the series, From a New Forest Inclosure, written for the Burley Village magazine in 2006 & 2007. Book Two, book has been further enhanced by the inclusion of my original colour photographs. The subject matter is varied; sometimes serious, always informative and often amusing.  So why don’t you delve into these pages and discover the spider that walks on water, the Iceman, sea trout, wild fungi, the Drift and much, more.


Squoyle, Squail, Scale and Snog

The third compilation of  articles, first published in 2008 & 2009, from a New Forest Inclosure Book three, includes amusing tales from the Royal Oak, crazy ducks, New Forest deer and the great Boxing Day squirrel hunts.  Learn about curious collective nouns, the butcher bird and Forest bottoms!


Doting Owner of a Spoilt Pony

Book Four in the ‘From a New Forest Inclosure’ series is an anthology of the articles written by Ian Thew in 2010 and 2011. These light-hearted and informative observations were made in the most part from his remote home deep within a New Forest Inclosure. Explore these pages and chuckle at more tales from the Royal Oak and the antics of the spoilt pony; read about the squirrel’s tail, Country Watch, the village show and discover Obi-Wan Kenobi in the New Forest!


Young, Big, Bouncy & Blond

‘From a New Forest Inclosure Book Five’  is a compilation of the articles first published in 2012 & 2013.   Read about the authors new love, Forest byelaws, a Goshawk, Cabbage White Caterpillars, Mint Beetles, a canine champion and a dear friend Bill.  


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These books can be bought from the author by emailing for the speical price of £25.00 for all five in the current series or £5.99 each including postage.  They are also available through Amazon and on Kindle